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Profile of Yutaka Takenouchi 竹野內豊小檔案

Name: Yutaka Takenouchi 竹野內豊 ez45ss.jpg (29519 bytes)
Date of Birth: 2 Jan 1971
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood type: O+
Height: 179cm
Weight: 63Kg
Measurement: B95:W75:H93
Motto: 勝利後要更加警惕
Hobbies: Driving, Marine Sports, Raise Tropical Fish
Favorite Food: Eel鰻魚
Weakness: Cockroaches
Initial Startup: Model
Award: Golden Arrow Hoso Shinjin-sho (1995)
Agent: KEN-ON (Nicewave)
Contact Address: Kenkikaku Message:3F Bunsei Building, 7-10-9, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
〒107-8415東京都港區赤阪7-10-9第四文成 buid 3F

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Something about Yutaka

In 1989, when Yutaka is still in his high school, he won the award "Zassi Dokusha Model Audition" which is for amateur models through the poll from readers of Men's Club. After that, Yutaka participate actively in model world and appears on many fashion magazines and CM. In 1994, Yutaka got a chance to appear in his first drama "How I found work" and act as a normal office worker. After that, Yutaka participate in several dramas like "Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari", "Hoshi no Kinka", "Love hasn't started yet", "Long Vacation", "Risou no Kekkon", "Zohu Hoshi no Kinka", "Beachboys" and so forth. In spring time of 1998, Yutaka got the first time as the leading actor in "With Love". In this drama, he acts as a CM song composer who fall in love to an OL via Internet. He plays so good in this drama that garb the heart of many female fans. In Oct 1998, he made "The Last Song" which is written by famous scriptwriter Noshima. Though the TV rating is not that satisfactory, Yutaka has a fairly good performance in it. So he got the best actor of the year 1998 by TV Pia.   The latest drama of Yutaka is NHK Daiga drama - Toshiie to Matsu which is still on air in Japan (even though all the episode done by Yutaka was finished). Yutaka starts his movie career in year 2001 and the debut movie is "Reisei to Jyonetsu no Aida" which was a big hit in Japan. The DVD/VCD will be released in July in HK.

Through the dramas he played, Takenouchi Yutaka proved us that he is not just a handsome guy but has the talent to be a very good actor that can play various roles equally well. I can't wait to watch all his dramas la! Hoping that he can be move active in his career life and make us some more good dramas / movies.

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